Outreach to Child Care supports opportunities for children to be exposed to the magic of books and the joy of reading.


Through the Jackson County Library's Outreach to Child Care program, we help children ages 0-6 become ready to read by giving them books to keep and lending them bags of books.

Many children in our community live in homes where there are no books. Outreach to Child Care is a free book delivery service offered by Jackson County Library Services to child care sites that care for four or more preschool children on a full-time basis. Library staff and volunteers deliver bags filled with age-appropriate books to child care homes and centers each month. Providers can also request bags with special content, such as Spanish-language theme books, board books for babies, or CDs. Library staff can even provide a storytime or family literacy program.


We do this because children who read have a higher success rate once they start school. Their vocabulary increases, concentration improves, and imagination develops.

This program, partially supported by the Foundation, can help give children a lifelong advantage by developing a love for books and reading. It helps to brighten and enhance the early literacy skills of hundreds of children throughout our community.

A BIG thank you for your donation of children’s books to our students! They were so excited to receive them.
— Head Start Teachers

With your help, we can make sure that kids in our community have at least one book in their home.

Children who begin reading at a young age are much more likely to continue reading and become lifelong library users. While we have books to lend, we need your help to give books to kids that they can keep and read with the adults in their lives.

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As part of Summer Reading on the Road, each child was able to choose a book to read and take home with them. Made possible in part by funds from our Carolyn and Lou Hannum Memorial Fund.


Would you donate to help us buy books to give to kids? Here’s what your gift could do:

  • $50 gives 6 children paperback books that they can keep

  • $125 provides 13 kids with Spanish language books to read with their parents

  • $250 helps 20 children receive hardcover books to treasure and cherish