A Tribute to Judy Lozano

Baby’s First Book is possible thanks to the generosity of our individual and corporate sponsors. Together, we believe in the power of literacy to change and enrich lives.

Judy Hanshue Lozano channeled her belief into helping start the JCLF’s Baby’s First Book Program. The following tribute was written by her daughters, Sarah and Mandy:

“Judy Hanshue Lozano and her husband, Bob, moved their young family to Southern Oregon in 1985 when they purchased a cattle ranch outside of Butte Falls. Judy and her family became active and well-loved members of the Butte Falls and greater southern Oregon communities. Drawing on their backgrounds as educators during the 1970s, 80s and 90s, the Lozanos focused their attention on supporting Butte Falls Elementary and Butte Falls High School with time, energy and financial resources. Once their two daughters graduated from Butte Falls High School and moved on to successful college and graduate school pursuits, Judy shifted her philanthropic and volunteer efforts to supporting local literacy initiatives.
“Judy loved books and what they represented to society, using literature as a means to connect with people. For many years, she was an active member of two longstanding book clubs that she thoroughly enjoyed. Judy believed that literacy, and the concept of being open to new ideas and perspectives one receives when exposed to a variety of literary mediums, was a strong precursor to a successful and fulfilling life. She was a tireless leader of the Butte Falls Friends of the Library Chapter and became a major force to ensure that libraries remained open and supported throughout Southern Oregon.
“Inspired by the birth of her first grandchild in 2009, Judy worked closely with the Jackson County Library Foundation to help start Baby’s First Book – a program ensuring that all babies born in Jackson County are given a board book and their parents given information about free services and programs provided by local libraries to foster a lifetime of literacy.
“After Judy’s passing in May 2016, her family has chosen to continue supporting this valuable community initiative to honor her memory. Please support their efforts to give children the tools they need to be successful and happy people.”