What is the Jackson County Library Foundation?

We are an independent, nonprofit organization and the philanthropic partner of Jackson County libraries. We secure and responsibly manage contributions from individuals, businesses, and foundations to help build community support for the Jackson County Library System in its efforts to learn, grow, and connect with the entire community.


we raise money for OUR libraries.

Jackson County loves its libraries. But public funding isn’t enough to provide all the resources, programs, and connections that our residents seek. With your support, we envision vibrant public libraries that maximize access to information, increase literacy and innovation, serve as a gateway to arts and culture, and provide a community gathering place. Donating to the Jackson County Library Foundation is a way for people who believe in the power of public libraries to change lives and keep our communities strong.


Libraries enrich the lives of everyone in Jackson County. Thank you for your generous and continued commitment to information access, children's literacy, and a brighter future for the community we share.

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