New look! Same difference.

When Jackson County Library Services announced their plans to update their visual brand... the Foundation just couldn't resist! The talented Library Marketing staff was generous enough to share their designs and colors ahead of the release so that JCLF Executive Director Sandy Boatright could craft a complementary look. After all, we're on the same team!

We hope you like our new logo!

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JCLF's Library Fund will support Jackson County Libraries' proposal to join the Funding Information Network.

Earlier this year, JCLF's Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of the creation of an unrestricted "Library Fund". This fund is available to Jackson County Libraries to support ANY program, service, or initiative that complies with JCLF's overall mission to support innovation and literacy in our community. Unlike many of JCLF's funds, which are restricted to specific branches or programs, the Library Fund is completely flexible and is designed to help the libraries meet unexpected expenses or take advantage of unanticipated opportunities.

The first grant from this fund went to support the installation of the Spark Space at the White City Library Branch. The second grant will fund a proposal brought to us by Library Director Kari May and Business Librarian Elanna Erhardt: JCLS has applied to become a Network Partner of the Foundation Center and join the Funding Information Network.

What is the
Funding Information Network (FIN)?

FIN is a network of libraries, community foundations, and other nonprofit resource centers that can be found across the U.S. and around the world. The network consists of hundreds of organizations that host Foundation Center databases and training support, available at NO COST to their local communities.

As a network partner, JCLS can offer onsite access to the Foundation Directory Online. This is a thorough database, comprising more than 140,000 grantmakers, that is updated weekly so you can count on the accuracy of results.

JCLS staff will also be certified to lead community training courses like the following:

  • Proposal Writing Boot Camp

  • Introduction to Finding Grants

  • Build a Social Media Strategy

  • Introduction to Fundraising Planning

  • Before You Seek a Grant: A Checklist for New Nonprofits

JCLS can provide these courses at NO COST to the community.

The Jackson County Library Foundation endorses the Foundation Center's stated value that "philanthropy is an engine for positive social change". Access to the resources within FIN will connect local change-makers with funders all over the world and the training programs soon to be offered at the library may make the difference between a vision failed and a vision realized. JCLF is thrilled to support this new addition to Jackson County Libraries Services. And we'll be keeping you, our donors, up to date on the implementation of the program and its impact on Jackson County.

FIN Partnership.png

We are so grateful to Alice Saunders.

Shortly after Alice Saunders, beloved local educator, musician, and horticulturalist, passed away last March, the Jackson County Library Foundation received notice that a portion of her estate had been designated for the Medford library. Alice’s last wish was to support the community she loved and the library was only one of many local organizations to benefit from her generosity. The estate has now been finalized and this week we were able to deposit the full bequest into our Medford Branch Fund.

Planned gifts, like Alice’s, create a powerful legacy, ensuring that the values you cherish endure beyond your lifetime.

Thank you, Alice, for your support of the Medford Library.

2019-07-26 Alice F. Saunders.png