Unrestricted funds give the Foundation the most flexibility in meeting our libraries' and communities' needs.


By donating to Jackson County Library Foundation, you are giving a powerful gift to the people of Jackson County. You are providing access for all residents to be successful in their quest to obtain information, ensuring that our community's future will be strong in its ability to grow and change with technological and societal advances, and protecting the civic right of access to information for generations to come.

Unrestricted gifts allow the Foundation to use the funds wherever the need is greatest. We know that there will always be a need for libraries, even though we don't know what tomorrow's library will look like. Librarians are experts in meeting peoples' emerging needs for information, books and materials in formats we can't even imagine today.

An unrestricted gift gives librarians the most flexibility in meeting our community’s needs in the future. The library will continue to adapt and shift to meet our evolving needs. Your gift can help our library make a life-changing difference for each person in our community.