We are very grateful to these community leaders for their willingness to share their time and talent as we work to support excellence at the Jackson County Libraries. Thank you!

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Mitchell Seidman
Board president

Mitchell Seidman has been watching JCLF’s finances for several years. A retired aeronautical engineer, Mitch is also very active in the Friends of the Medford Library group.


Becky Versteeg
Board Vice President

Becky Versteeg has served with the JCLF since 1998. First involved with libraries via the Storytelling Guild and the Children’s Festival, she coordinates a SMART Program in a local elementary school and enjoys watching volunteers help students learn to love books and reading.


Colette Boehmer
Board secretary

Colette Boehmer has been on the Board since 1996. An attorney in Medford, Colette continues to influence the course of the Foundation with visionary and strong leadership.


Kevin Keating

Kevin, a history teacher at St. Mary's School, and his wife Nikki have been in Medford since 2001 and reared their four kids at the public library. He was on the Library Advisory Committee and is a member of the JCLS Budget Committee. He is a big proponent of extending hours for all branches and improving access to library services to all county residents


Susan Kiefer
Board Member

Susan Kiefer, a transplant to Jackson County from Minnesota, brings a background of Library Science, law, and activism to the Board. She joined the JCLF board in December 2008.


Board Member

Michal Slate is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Financial Advisor helping members of our community build wealth since 2005. She and her husband Travis moved to the beautiful Rogue Valley in 2005 from Sonoma County, California. She loves helping families, non-profits, and small businesses build financial plans that take a holistic approach. She lives by faith, values, and the appreciation of all the beautiful things that make us different and similar. Michal is an avid learner. She holds two masters degrees: an MBA in Business Leadership and an MEd in Instructional Design. Michal grew up with very little in the way of financial resources and the library was always a safe haven where learning could be done regardless of financial status. Michal believes that the library is the best equipped to partner with community businesses and other non-profits to build accessible resources for the promotion of education. Education is the key to destroying poverty. Effective collaboration and service promises are essential to ensure success for our community and its members.



Sandy is a mother of two grown-up daughters and a son and has lived in Southern Oregon for more than 32 years. She is an experienced business professional with a Master’s degree in business administration and marketing, Bachelor’s in business management, and Associates of Applied Sciences in Business Management. She specializes in operations, strategic planning, and revenue growth with an in-depth knowledge of business and non-profit operations. Sandy brings her many years of experience in non-profit operations, employee and workforce development, budget development and program management to her leadership position.
Sandy has recently been in the position of Outpatient Program Operations Manager with Family Solutions. Prior to this role she was with Goodwill as Director of Workforce Development and Director of Education where she developed Adult basic Education, GED, and English as a second language. Sandy managed all the operations of the program, taught, and tutored students outside of class. She spent the three years prior as CEO, Executive Director of a non-profit residential co-occurring treatment facility.
Sandy loves working with people, eliminating barriers to learning and knowing she can and has made a difference in the lives of others and her community.


Elisabeth Campbell

Elisabeth is an experienced professional with over ten years in accounting and office management. She is a Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP) who also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southern Oregon University.