Our libraries are the heart of our community.

As a library user yourself, you know the transformative power of libraries. Our libraries expose us to different viewpoints than we experience in our everyday lives, changing our worlds through storytelling and exposure to new ideas. They are a lifeline to those in need. They are the great equalizer in our community, providing a safe space and free access to educational resources for all.

Here are some examples of how your gifts have changed lives:

  • More Books for Our Youngest Readers. Your gifts funded early childhood literacy programs that prepare kids to be ready to read by kindergarten. Through programs like Baby’s First Book and Outreach to Child Care, we connect children ages 0-6 with books and teach them the building blocks of reading. These skills are critical to increasing a child’s chance of lifelong success.

  • New STEM Center for Kids and Teens. Your donations funded the Spark Space, a digital play space and homework help center for kids and teens at the Central Point Library with cutting edge resources in science, technology, engineering, math, and digital arts. It will empower young minds to find their spark and connect with their passions.

  • Encourage a Love for Learning in All. Learning occurs in every stage of life. Your support enhances events like Medford Comic Con, funds services for those in need, and allows our libraries to flourish.

With your gift, you support libraries that our community can point to with pride for years to come; libraries that reflect the high priority our community places on the value of learning and discovering new things about ourselves and our world. Your donation signals your belief in the power of public libraries to change lives. Because of you, our libraries will thrive and remain strong.